Thermowells & Protection Tubes


Thermowells act as a barrier between a process medium and the sensing element of a temperature measuring device. It protects against corrosive process media, as well as media contained under pressure or flowing at a high velocity. A thermowell also allows the sensing element to be removed from the application while maintaining a closed system.

Delpro carries a variety of thermowells, Tapered, Step-down, Straight, Van Stone and Flanged Wells.  We have a full range of metals available to suit your application needs.

Protection Tubes

Protection tubes are designed for use in high temperature corrosive service applications, medium to high temperature low corrosion industrial process heating applications.

Protection tubes are used in waste incineration, cement and lime kilns, utility and recovery boilers, fluidized bed combustion systems, and other harsh process environments when high levels of sulphur, chlorides, ash, and salt deposits are commonly found. Protection tubes are also excellent choices for use in waste incineration, immersion into molten copper, brass, basic steels and slag, and for use in open hearth furnaces, soaking pits, and blast furnace applications.

Delpro’s sales team will help determine which protection tube is right for your application.