Prism PM

Compact and Modular with integral pneumatic control

The Prism PM series, designed for corrosive process environments, attaches directly to sanitary diaphragm and angle valves. This rugged, feature-rich platform offers a full array of communication and switching options, as well as discrete integral pneumatic control for single-acting valve actuator operation.

Ideally suited for process environments

The Prism features a durable polycarbonate enclosure suitable for both general purpose and hazardous process environments. The integral pneumatic control is completely isolated within the enclosure on a stainless steel reinforced polysulfone manifold so standard tube fittings may be reliably attached. And the Prism is rated for nonincendive or intrinsically safe applications.

Readily adaptable to linear valves

Stainless steel mounting systems are available for adapting the Prism to sanitary and industrial diaphragm, as well as angle valve applications. Stroke lengths from as low as 1/4” to as long as 2” may be readily accommodated.

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The Prism features a full range of feedback options in the fully sealed, solid state dual module. Select the SST sensors for conventional switching, Namur sensors for intrinsically safe applications or communication options including AS-Interface, DeviceNet, Foundation Fieldbus and Modbus. All switching sensor and communication modules are fully solid state and sealed for high reliability.


1. The Prism may be washed down and temporarily submersed with no adverse affects. It is rated NEMA 4, 4x, and 6. It may be used in Div. 2 (nonincendive) or Div. 1 (intrinsically safe) hazardous applications.

2. Enclosure features high strength polycarbonate with excellent corrosion-resistance and exceptional temperature stability.

3. Visual electronic and mechanical position indication confirm valve and switch status for added safety.

4. Solid state proximity sensors monitor open and closed discrete valve position with precision and reliability.

5. Integral pneumatic valve is isolated from environmental contamination, offers high tolerance to dirty air and enables rapid valve operation.

6. Solenoid options available for 120 VAC and 24 VDC. Select piezo option for bus powered Foundation Fieldbus applications.

7. Self-adjusting triggering system provides consistent open and closed indication even with diaphragm compression. No resetting is required.

8. Manual override enables valve operation without electrically energizing.

9. Dual module system seals all position sensing, communication and control electronics in a compact vibration proof package.

10. NPT port connections are stainless steel reinforced for long life sealing under high torque stress conditions.

11. Water proof quick connectors, compression fittings or conduit connections are available for convenient, reliable attachment to plant electrical systems.

12. Stainless steel adaptor system locks Prism securely to valve actuator and provides stability for shaft interface.