Hawkeye HK

Nonincendive and intrinsically safe for point sensing

The solid state Hawkeye sensor is ideal for point sensing in corrosive and hazardous process environments. The standard Red/Green LEDs also speed your setup and installation by confirming power up and switch status. The Hawkeye is FM and CSA approved for nonincendive applications and intrinsically safe circuits in hazardous areas.

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1. Sensing head triggers on any metal Inductive sensing technology detects metal targets at distances up to 4-6 mm, depending on target material.

2. Stainless steel body is rugged and corrosion proof Hawkeye sensors are machined from 316 stainless steel.

3. Stainless steel washers and fasteners secure Hawkeye permanently to mount Adaptor brackets are available in L or straight.

4. Circuit is conformally coated and potted Hawkeye sensor may be temporarily submersed and electronics are shock and vibration tolerant.

5. High intensity LED brightly displays switch status Red and green LEDs may be selected to indicate open or closed.

6. 1/2” conduit entry or mini-connector available Choose from a direct conduit entry for hazardous areas or a plug-in mini-connector for rapid attachment in general purpose environments.