Pre-pinched Port, Mechanically Pinched, Single Pinch Mechanism, Simple Economical Design

  • Low pressure drop
  • No packing
  • Drop tight closure
  • On/Off or throttling service
  • Linear throttling characteristic
  • Fail Open or Fail Closed pneumatic actuators
  • Long lasting compression molded sleeve

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  • Flanges: ANSI STD. 125/150 lbs
  • Housing: Cast iron, ASTM A48, Class 35
  • Stem: 303 stainless steel
  • Yoke: Carbon steel
  • Actuator: Cast iron/PVC


  • Epoxy paint
  • Sleeve elastomer
  • 316 stainless steel stem
  • ANSI STD 300 lbs. Flange
  • Secondary containment package
  • Auxiliary hand wheel
  • Positioners
  • Solenoid valves
  • Limit switches


Ideal for automatic control of abrasive, viscous, and corrosive fluids including wastewater, mine slurry, chemicals, cement, pulp , powder and pellets.


A pre-pinched pneumatically operated valve with the maintenance free Onyx Actuator. The actuator uses a spring for reliable fail-open (PFO) or fail-closed (PFC) operation in a range of sizes. It does not require lubricated air.