Axiom AX Explosion Proof

Advanced performance valve communication and control in harsh environments

The Axiom explosionproof platform, available in epoxy-coated anodized aluminum or stainless steel, will withstand your most challenging plant environments. It features advanced position monitoring and integral pneumatic control offer the ultimate in reliability, convenience, and value for process valve applications. Axiom AX features a Comprehensive 5 Year Warranty, covering mechanical and electrical components!

Rugged construction

Choose from the robust epoxy-coated anodized aluminum or the 316 stainless steel enclosure designed for explosionproof applications. This platform is extremely durable and is also well-suited for use in corrosive, heavy washdown and high seas environments.

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Exceptional Reliability

The Axiom is designed to perform reliably in adverse conditions. Its non-contact position sensing system, with fully potted and sealed electronics, is completely protected inside the water-tight explosionproof enclosure. The integral pneumatic control is tolerant of contaminants and able to operate on standard plant air. A rebreather capability is also standard, eliminating potential ingestion of outside contaminants into the spring side of single-acting actuators.

Space Efficient Design

The Axiom AX encloses all electrical components in an explosionproof compartment with less than 5” (130mm) clearance requirement above the top of the actuator. Additional clearance for cover removal is less than 2” (50mm) because there is no shaft to lift over. The automated valve spacing envelope is minimized without compromising performance or maintainability.

Universal Application

One conventional model will satisfy most applications with standard 20 to 125 VAC or VDC monitoring feedback and solenoid control. Standard models also feature high flow 5-way, 2-position pneumatic control suitable for both single- and double-acting actuation. Bus communication models offer the same pneumatic control and have pilots tuned for very low power consumption minimizing voltage drops on long cable runs.

Sensing & Communication Module

The Axiom platform has all position sensing, communication or switching integrated into StoneL’s C-module. Users may set position switches conveniently and accurately on all modules. And easy to view instructions, along with LED indication, are boldly displayed on the module itself.



1. Universal burn out proof solenoid operates on less than 0.6 watts of power and standard version will accept 24 VDC or 120 VAC, reducing stocking requirements.

2. Prefiltered pilot valve provides additional protection from contaminants.

3. Easy removal from automated valve package is accomplished with captured stainless steel fasteners and unique modular design.

4. Integral pneumatic valve operates on standard plant air, will cycle most actuators in less than two seconds, and is modularized for easy clean out if fouling occurs.

5. External pneumatic valve override options are available enabling local automated valve operation. (Internal pilot momentary override is standard on all solenoids.)

6. Standard 5-way, 2-position valve operates both single- and double-acting actuators and features a standard rebreather to feed instrument air into spring side of actuator to keep out corrosives.

7. Highest explosionproof ratings suitable for use in Ex d IIC Zone I and Class I, Division 1 areas.

8. Durable enclosure and manifold/mounting plate are available in epoxy-coated anodized aluminum or 316 stainless steel. All fasteners, indicator couplers, and pneumatic valve end-caps are made of 316 stainless steel.

9. Push button set points for open and closed accurately lock in position settings which remain in place when power is removed and reapplied.

10. Electronic components are sealed and potted inside function module to protect against residual moisture, vibration, and corrosives.

11. Rapid enclosure access with the screw-on cover saves valuable maintenance and set-up time. The cover provides a vapor tight seal and allows entry to internal components in seconds.

12. High accuracy position sensor system is solid state with no moving wear points for highly reliable and precise position feedback.

13. No bushings or shafts will wear out. Electronic module, with magnetically driven position sensor, is fully isolated from the outside environment. Actuator wear causing shaft “wobble” will not affect monitoring performance.

14. High visibility mechanical and electronic indication confirms open/closed position and solenoid status for greater safety and convenience.

15. Axiom directly attaches to VDI/VDE 3845 (Namur) actuators and many others using a compact mounting manifold system. This mounting manifold is sold separately and is designed to properly fit the Axiom to your actuator while also providing the pneumatic interface ports.